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5356 Clayton Road Ste 100, Concord, CA 94521


 >> Next Door to Mountain Mikes Pizza.

MSP & IT Services - Computers Built to Order (BTO) - Repairs - Upgrades - Migration to New Equipment - Remote Help Desk -  Managed Cyber Security - Networks & Backups

"When your computer runs right, so do you."

Computer/Network Sales - Upgrades - Maintenance & Managed Services (MSP)

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CUSA Care: Services

In Shop, On Site and Remote Help Desk

  • Cyber Security (Anti-Virus, hacking, ransomware, malware Issues.)
  • VPN and AD Blocker (Privacy settings.)
  • Backup and Restore (Automated - Simple to NAS solutions to protect your data.)
  • Password Managers (Store all your web sites and secure credentials.)
  • Monitoring and Patch Management (We monitor your system's health.)
  • Repairs to Email Issues

Remote Service (Help Desk) Issues Fixed

  • Email and Outlook (Send and receive, archive and setups.)
  • Quickbooks Issues (Backups, restore, performance.)
  • Software Repairs and Installation

Video: Monitors, Adaptors & Web Cams

New Monitors and Video Cards

Get the latest video experience with a new wide screen, curved or larger monitor.

Add new graphic capabilities with a new video adaptor and experience a whole new world of vision,

nVidia RTX Series and AMD Radeon™

  • Video Adaptors
  • Grapthic Cards
  • Game Play
  • Web Cams
  • Video Splitters
  • Budget Used Monitors


Everyday Items

  • Canned Air
  • Paper
  • Wipes

Recycle Electronic Components


  • Recycle all your old electronic products - Free
  • Computers, monitors, backup devices, cables/wires, speakers, stereos, etc.

News & Articles

News, Articles and Tips to Keep Your Computer Running Right.

We know, "When your computer runs right, so do you."

Forms, Warranty & Disclaimers

Forms - Gotta Have Forms

  • Credit Card Authorization
  • Subscriptions & Agreements
  • Warranty

"ComputersUSA they are my 'go to' guys." 

" Shel is experienced in employee communications, corporate public relations, crisis communications, media relations, financial communications, investor relations, marketing communications and compensation and benefits communications," Shel Holtz
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I was very pleased with the help I received from Ryan (Tech). He was extremely helpful and able to resolve the problem I was experiencing.

Gordon B
Clayton, CA 94517

Feedback: : Computer Services

Great my computer is running better than ever.  Everyone was really nice and respectful and helped me get all of the necessary best components for my computer. Definitely would recommend them.

Brandon B.
Concord, CA 94521

You were, as always, great. It is wonderful that you can fix so many problems remotely. It was painless for me and quick.

You are a valuable resource to Jack and me. Thanks.

More reviews visit:  https://www.yelp.com/biz/computersusa-clayton

Lyle S.


Our NEW location:

ComputersUSA ( CUSA Care )

5356 Clayton Road

Concord, CA 94521

Next door to Mountain Mike's Pizza near Ygnacio Valley Blvd.

Clayton Station Shopping Center

5433 Clayton Road, Clayton, CA Suite M

Open 10-6 Monday to Saturday

About Us

Will Claney

Proprietor & General Manager

We are located in the heart of Contra Costa County near the Concord Pavilion on Kirker Pass Road (aka Ygnacio or Rail Road Ave).

 It all started when Windows 95 was released in 1995.  It took 13 diskettes to install and computer hardware most people didn't understand - that's when we realized this was going to be big - a really big headache for most users.  We wanted to help and assist non-technical people use their computers.  We knew this would be a challenge for most users and we wanted to make it easier. 

Fast forward 25 years in business later we're still helping you with Windows 10.  It has been quite a journey and we thank all our patrons. 

May we help you with your computer issues?

Why Choose Us?

Trusted by thousands in the Contra Costa Bay Area for our proficiency and ability to provide solutions to your issues.  We are a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to keep your computer running right.  

Because we know, "When your computer runs right, so do you"